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Introducing Magic
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If you know more tricks than you can remember … if you have trouble keeping track of your tricks … if you are unable to pull together a unique, tailored-to-your-audience show quickly… this system is perfect for you.

I used to do the same show, over and over again, even for the same patrons, occasionally introducing a new trick only every now and then.

Now I can custom design a new show for every ocasion with minimal effort.

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It’s being organized and having a system for researching new tricks, for planning your rehearsals, for keeping track of your past shows and clients, and for writing killer scripts.

This program will allow you to quickly and easily craft smooth flowing, exciting shows that will have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting your next amazing illusion.

With this software program:

  • Your tricks will get better

  • Your performances will become more entertaining

  • Your shows will become more memorable

  • Your audiences will grow in size

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Why make yourself go through all the frustrating confusion and growing pains that most magicians go through?

When you could save yourself a lot of stress and worry … and hard work and headaches … by getting my Magic Show Builder software program today?

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Salvador Calderón
Salvador Calderon
(Conde Magnum)


P.S Remember: this amazing tool will allow you to organize and research your magic tricks; develop exciting acts tailored to your audience; and quickly and easily take your magic career to the next level and beyond!

P.P.S While specifically made for magicians,Magic Show Builder has also produced terrific results for clowns, theater troupes, ventriloquists, puppeteers, stand up comedians, singers, music groups, circuses, variety act managers, school festivals and, in fact, any kind of variety shows performer!