Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Salvador Calderón
Salvador Calderon
(Conde Magnum)
Hello, my name is Salvador Calderon – a.k.a. Conde Magnum – and I am a semi-pro performing magician.

Not that long ago, after reading "Scripting Magic" and "Maximum Entertainment," I decided that to improve my act and move to the next level of earnings I needed to begin writing scripts.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t written very much when I quickly ran into a problem. Keeping things organized was very hard. The truth is the whole thing quickly became a mess. I got confused easily, my acts started running together, my performance suffered and instead of growing my career it began to look like I was actually destroying it.

I needed to do something and I needed to do it fast. I could either stop writing scripts and basically give up any hope of growing my magic career … or I could find another solution.

Well, I definitely wasn’t ready to give up my dreams of being a successful magician so I began to desperately look for a solution to my problem.

The first thing that came to mind (besides being a semi-pro magician, I also work as an engineer in my day job) was creating some type of database that would allow me to catalog each of my acts so there would be no more crossover confusion.

But I figured finding a database program that would work for magicians would be impossible. However, I began to research the subject anyway, simply because I was desperate to find anything that might help me succeed as a magician.

But I found nothing. Well, I actually found a couple of magic programs that say they can be used for this purpose but both were very poorly done and in the end weren’t able to do what they promised. They were just a waste of money.

So I kept looking and just when I was about to give up I found Celtx, an open source scriptwriting software.

This software sounded promising. A few magicians that I talked to said they used it and that it did a lot of great things.

But unfortunately I found the learning curve for Celtx to be HUGE. It is an incredibly difficult program to use and I didn’t have time to devote the hours and hours and hours a it would take to learn to use this program effectively.

In today’s busy world, who does?

Plus, I also wanted to be able to keep my growing list of magic acts in YouTube videos and Celtx didn’t offer me this option.

So I went back to researching and looking … but again I found nothing … until one day I got so frustrated that I decided I would just create a program myself.

I figured I can’t be the only magician struggling to organize their acts. So I decided to tap into my engineer’s training and design my dream magician’s software and then have it programmed by the best professionals I could find. The result … MAGIC SHOW BUILDER