Just take a look at what these clients
have to say about Magic Show Builder:

“'Magic Show Builder' isn't a very precise name for this magical software. It not only builds your show, it BUILDS YOUR BUSINESS! Keeping your material, show, and schedule organized will not only help to improve your show, but more importantly, help to save you a lot of trouble on the business side of your career. Highly recommend it!” -
Aaronish Magic

“I don't want to recommend Magic Show Builder to anyone... It's just THAT good! You have to use it to know how effective it is in dealing every aspects of your magical art! Wow, it reminds me all the elements of a good magic piece, and I'm intrigued at the powerful system and organizer it serves to all the fellow magicians! Perhaps the pioneer in its field!” -
Perl, psychological illusionist, Taiwan Kaohsiung

Magic Show Builder is a very useful tool for magicians or anybody else who is putting together a performance and needs to organize, search, and store information related to his work. If you have not yet figured out an efficient system for yourself, I recommend Magic Show Builder.” -
Chris Wasshuber,

Magic Show Builder helps every magician do what he should be doing to create a strong, clear and cohesive performance. Use this tool in conjunction with your scripting and rehearsal regime to be the best you can be!” -
John B. Pyka,

Magic Show Builder is the absolute best well thought out software program for magicians and for anyone else in my line of work. I was previously using another software program, but Magic Show Builder is by far capable of much more practical and useful applications that will actually help you build your shows for you. It's my new choice and I recommend it to all the working pro's, amateurs, and beginners alike. I've been putting together different shows for years, and I'm extremely glad and relieved that someone finally came up with a software program for magicians, by a magician, that magicians will actually use and benefit from.” -
Todd Bernard, semi-pro magician working towards a full time career

“I've been testing the Magic Show Builder database/software for the past few days, and it's incredible. I once tried building a spreadsheet to try and track the tricks that I might want to use, and it was a nightmare! This database, however, allows you to have every trick, move, credit, everything at your finger tips.
The instructions manual is very intuitive, and it actually gives you some great tips about scripting and patter and some good resources regarding the subject. This system was clearly created by someone who has been in the trenches, and who puts a lot of thought and care into his magic.
This meticulousness comes through in this software. Just imagine being able to effectively "Google" your list of tricks that you've studied and put time into. Let's say you have a show coming up where you won't be able to use a table at all... Perfect... go to the Magic Show Builder and search for all the entries of effects that don't require a table. It spits out a list, and you get to build your show based on the list.
This system allows you to record everything from Keywords about the trick, to the length of the trick, to the description, patter, images, directions, links to any websites (YouTube, forums, etc) that may be related to the effect, and soooooooooo much more. Believe me whatever the asking price, this will be an invaluable tool to the serious magician.” -
Jeff Stone,