Take a look at just some of what you can do with this amazing software:

  • Keep track of all your magic:
    You can build a database of all your favorite tricks (or all the tricks you want to learn to do) and find them in seconds. You can also record the Price Paid and Current Value of all your magic show equipment so you get adequate insurance coverage. There have been numerous horror stories of magician's widows selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of magic equipment for $50 dollars, this software will prevent that from ever happening to you!
  • Develop Acts perfectly suited to your audience with a few simple clicks of your mouse
    With this software you can write scripts for a precise venue and you can easily keep track of all your acts from one central, easy to use location.
  • Be more productive by organizing your office, your rehearsals, your projects and your ideas
    Make all that clutter disappear! With this software you can finally organize all your instructions, blueprints and scripts that are just lying around right now. Keeping track of your magic tricks has never been so easy!
  • Get repeat business by staying in touch with your contacts for each show
    You can keep a schedule of upcoming shows as well as keep track of your past shows, including the script you used, how much you charged, how the show went, what tricks flopped and what tricks worked … so you never again have to repeat the same act for the same clients!
  • Fine-tune your shows so that they smoothly flow from one act to another … building momentum to that final standing ovation
    With Magic Show Builder, you can plan out every second of your show, eliminating any dull spots. You’ll know what to say and when to say it, where to stand and when to move. All of your misdirection will be planned out. You know what they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”
  • Rehearse your shows or acts more effectively and have fun doing it
    Magic Show Builder teaches you the right way to rehearse so you save time, stop worrying, have fun and quickly improve your skills!
  • Add consistency, balance and scope to your shows -
    With Magic Show Builder your shows will no longer be a haphazard collection of stunts. Now you can create themed shows that audiences, particularly corporate clients, will love!
  • Plan your show for effectiveness and emotional response
    Now you’ll be able to script out your show and ensure that you open with a killer flash effect, that you include the right amount of audience participation, that you do not repeat yourself with several "sucker effects", and that you build the tension in your show up to a crescendo that peaks with your spectacular finale.
  • Keep track of your show’s length
    With Magic Show Builder you’ll be able to build a show that perfectly fits into your allotted time - an essential for TV presentations and when you share the stage with several performers.
  • Never be unprepared
    With Magic Show Builder you can print out your entire script as well as the prop checklist for each show so that you’ll never be unprepared or not have the equipment you need!
  • Research new acts
    This powerful software even allows you to keep track of YouTube magic videos, magic equipment dealers, informative articles and much more - now you’ll have all the resources you need to improve your magic show right at your fingertips!
  • And much, much more!